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One of the first memories I have is of staring through the window of the local community hall up at the clouds. All the other children had paintbrushes or crayons in their hands and were busy creating their next masterpiece. I could have watched those clouds all day, like souls slowing drifting between heaven and earth. It was magical. I can distinctly remember the kindergarten teacher saying to my mother that I was not very creative and that she should try and encourage this side of me.

I spent the first 21 years of my life watching those clouds and the surrounding beauty of the world and all its strange and many inhabitants. I bought my first camera not long after I had left the UK at 21 years of age to go travelling around Australia. I was in love. Finally I had found a way of visually capturing my feelings and thoughts in a way that I could share with other people.

Photography is my chosen medium for expressing the way that I view the world. I find that if you sit still for long enough the highway of endless chattering in your mind begins to slow down. As it slows down you are able to look at the individual thoughts more closely and further still you notice that there are even gaps between the separate thoughts. It is in these gaps that I strive to take my photographs. In these gaps there are windows or glimpses into the nature of life that surrounds us all. The same window that I was staring through all those years ago, only now I have a way of capturing the views and sharing them with others.

I was born in Kent in the UK in 1969 and moved to New Zealand in 1998. My self taught passion for image making is as strong as ever and continues to be my breath of fresh air.

Website: www.mikedowsett.vc.net.nz
Email: mike.dowsett@ihug.co.nz