PhotoForum Inc. is a non-profit society dedicated to the promotion of photography as a means of communication and expression.  To that end we publish independent critical writing, essays, news and archival material on this website. We also maintain a publication programme, and organise occasional exhibitions, workshops and lectures. 

PhotoForum activities are funded primarily by member subscriptions. If you would like to support PhotoForum and receive the subscriber publications and other benefits, go to the Join page. By joining PhotoForum you also support the broader promotion of New Zealand photography that we have actively pursued since 1974.


The best way to have an exhibition, publication or event listed in our news feed, and considered for review, is to let us know about it. Please send details, along with around 150 words of text and at least one image in jpeg format, to photoforumnz@gmail.com 

Reviews & Essays

Through the generosity of Creative New Zealand and Baker Douglas, we have funding in 2018 to commission new critical writing from professional writers. Selections for review are not influenced by whether an artist or writer is or has been connected with PhotoForum Inc.

Essays editor: Geoffrey H Short

Reviews editor: Mary Macpherson

News & Events

Our news service is not funded and is run on a volunteer basis, because we think it is a worthwhile thing to do. While we strive for accuracy, we accept no liability for errors or omissions. We are also not clairvoyant. See "Submissions" above for information on how best to have items included in "New & Events."


PhotoForum has always encouraged new writers as well as photographers. As a continuation of this tradition, we have "Reports" as a space for new writers to publish pieces ranging from brief factual accounts to full reviews on a volunteer basis. 

Featured Portfolios

Selected artist are invited to share a body of work that may not have been otherwise exhibited or published. 

Online exhibitions

Both online versions of selected "real world" exhibitions, and curated online-only projects.

Member portfolios

Selections of work by members of PhotoForum.