A Second Look

A Second Look

Shaun Waugh

Two Rooms

16 Putiki Street, Newton, Auckland

17 August - 15 September 2018

Preview Thursday 16 August 6 - 8 pm

Shaun Waugh,   Still Life 17,  2018 (detail)

Shaun Waugh, Still Life 17, 2018 (detail)

'Shaun Waugh foregrounds the medium of photography as a primary subject in his work. The exhibition A Second Look invites the viewer to encounter Waugh's image constructions while reconsidering the histories, technologies and conventions of photography though which phenomena are made visible and presented for spectatorship. Waugh skilfully weaves an engagement with recent advances in camera technologies, algorithms in contemporary post-production, and the digital artefacts which can result from their interpretive processes. Photographs of objects captured at different focal lengths are digitally stitched across the image surface, or layered and composited in pictorial space. They engage the still life and landscape genres, while Waugh also turns his lens reflectively back on photography itself. Here we may perceive photography as a dynamic mix of raw data, the everyday and the stuff of spectacle'. (Text supplied).