A Photographer Returns Home to Manurewa

A Photographer Returns Home to Manurewa

Essay by Sophia Romanos

Photos by Adam Bryce

Published in VICE

24 April 2018

Adam Bryce couldn't wait to escape, now he's back celebrating the streets of South Auckland.

New Zealand fashion photographer Adam Bryce turns his lens toward home in his new photo project examining the community, relationships and social actions in his hometown of Manurewa. Bryce grew up in the South Auckland suburb with the tough reputation—and has now returned home after years working in advertising in New York. In Manurewa he aims to capture the everyday, gentle moments of life in the neighbourhood.


VICE: Hi Adam. So what made you want to do this project?
Adam Bryce: A lot of reasons. I had this idea as an art photographer I wanted to shoot normality and everyday things. And then at the same time I grew up in Manurewa and people had this very particular perception of Manurewa being quite dangerous or high crime. So I just kind of combined the two: documenting everyday life in Manurewa and showing everyday life in photographs and changing people’s perceptions of the place.

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