The Censorship of Eve

The Censorship Of Eve

PJ Paterson


37 Scanlan Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland

11 December – 22 December 2018

Can I be a feminist and a man? If I call myself a feminist am I still allowed to admire the female body? In the current climate when are my actions considered exploitative?

PJ Paterson’s most recent series The Censorship of Eve continues his ongoing exploration and critique of consumer culture and the rise of fourth-wave feminism. His work examines his place within this through the lens of what he calls his “white, middle-aged, man-dom”. On becoming a father for the first time to a son, Paterson’s interest in the visual environment moved on to focus more intensively on the role visual bombardment from media sources plays in the development of toxic masculine culture and in hindering the progression of feminism and equality: “My intention is to open a discourse on the sexualisation and subsequent censorship of women’s bodies and, in particular, breasts, which I feel highlights a disparity between how men and women are treated by society” says Paterson. “Breasts are for feeding babies. At some unknown point in human history the female breast was sexualised. Because of this sexualisation ancient societies in Europe decided they then had to be hidden. Now, we accept that women need to cover-up in public where men aren’t required to in the same way.”