PhotoForum Pecha Kucha AK26

PhotoForum PKN_AKL_26 // Wed 15 June 2011// Hopetoun Alpha // 19 Beresford Sq., Auckland

Part of the Auckland Festival of Photography

Thirteen photographers from diverse backgrounds present their work in the Pecha Kucha 20/20 slideshow format (20 images, each shown for 20 secs, total presentation time 6mins 40 sec). 

Presentations by Edith Amituanai, Greta Anderson, Julie Downie, Peter Evans, Jae Hoon Lee, James K. Lowe, John Lyall, John Miller, Peter Peryer, Peter James Quinn, Marie Shannon, Geoffrey H. Short and Wayne Wilson Wong.

Edith Amituanai

Greta Anderson

Julie Downie

Peter Evans

John Lyall

John Miller

Peter Quinn

Geoffrey H. Short

Jae Hoon Lee

Peter Peryer

Marie Shannon

Wayne Wilson

Photos from the event can be seen on the Pecha Kucha flickr page here.

 PechaKucha 26, 2011. Photo by John B. Turner

PechaKucha 26, 2011. Photo by John B. Turner