Accidental Monochromes

Accidental Monochromes
199 digital photos
December 2014 – March 2017

a URL exhibition from Gary Peters

Online: Wednesday 23 July, 2017, 5:30pm

Level 2, 99 Willis Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Gary Peters. From    Accidental Monochromes

Gary Peters. From Accidental Monochromes

The first of this series of accidental monochromes was taken on the 15th of December 2014 at 31 minutes and five seconds past seven in the evening.

I can say this with such accuracy because the phone that took the photographs, a $50 Vodafone 785, would title each photograph with the date and time it took the shot. Your phone probably does the same.

It was to be the first of many black, well almost black, photos to be accidentally taken by my phone as it sat in my pocket. More images would arrive in fits and starts – sometimes singular shots, sometimes multiple – all without me realising the button had been pressed.