Auckland Festival of Photography Programme

The Auckland Festival of Photography 2019

Multiple Auckland venues

31 May - 16 June 2019

The Auckland Festival of Photography has published its programme for 2019. Paper versions are available from the usual outlets. You can download a PDF or view the full programme on the Festival website.

The festival theme this year is Fissure.

“Fissure as a theme was chosen by the Festival this year as a way to capture the growing international photography series, projects that focus on nuclear weapons + power, whilst recognising New Zealand's unique role in the global geo political landscape as a nuclear free nation. As we broadened the idea out from this Fissure of ideology - to arm or not, to build powers stations or not, the genesis of the Festival's exploration of visual photographic imagery, series and projects that fit this idea of cracking, breaking down, meltdown and rifts even in the commercial world started to take shape”. 

Here is a selection of listings of Festival exhibitions and events. For a full programme visit the Festival website.

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