Photographs or paintings. ArtZone talks to Kate Wood

Photographs or paintings.

Interview published in Artzone, 3 April 2019

Kate Woods blurs the lines between photography and painting. Here she talks about moving between mediums, early inspirations, and her toddler's first encounter with paint.

Kate Woods: Oppenheim, Double Lake, 2010, c-type photograph

Kate Woods: Oppenheim, Double Lake, 2010, c-type photograph

What materials are integral in your work?

I make maquettes from cardboard, so a glue gun is essential! I work with water based paint, usually acrylic or gouache, and then a camera. I use ‘found’ photographs, prints or paintings which I rephotograph for the background or collage aspect of the final constructed photograph. The appropriated images are usually sourced from op-shops but good ones seem to be thin on the ground, and expensive now, so I’m exploring other avenues. A photograph I’m working on at the moment is using a scene from a really old (and quite badly painted) music box that I got from a garage sale when I was five. I also use Photoshop as one of my tools.

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