Cambodia Rising: A blueprint for generational change

Cambodia Rising: a blueprint for generational change

Stacey Simpkin

New Zealand Portrait Gallery
Shed 11, 60 Lady Elizabeth Lane
Wellington Waterfront, Wellington

31 May - 16 June 2019
Open Daily 10:30am to 4:30pm. Free Admission

Kiwi ingenuity and dedication meet the hope, longing and determination of young Cambodian girls and boys in Cambodia Rising: A blueprint for generational change.

Auckland photographer Stacey Simpkin’s collection of images capture more than a decade of progress by New Zealand charity Cambodia Charitable Trust in breaking the devastating cycle of poverty in Cambodia through education.

The exhibition offers intimate insights into the stark realities of Cambodia’s rural communities while illustrating how the trust’s work is connecting with vulnerable young people.

The work offers alternative futures to girls and boys for whom the alternative is often a life of poverty, or worse, in sex trafficking and slavery.

It’s change that is creating a new generation of educated and ambitious Cambodians - youth who have a strong voice for the promotion of a peaceful, just and sustainable Cambodia.

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