4. (3 painters and a photographer)

4. (3 painters and a photographer)

Niki Hill, Sharon Cowley Vickers, Carole Prentice, Clare Young

Northcote Shopping Centre, Northcote

18 August - September 2019

Opening event Sunday 18 August 4pm

Photographer (and sometimes painter) Niki Hill joins painters Sharon Cowley Vickers, Carole Prentice and Clare Young in an exhibition that will highlight their four very individual and distinctive styles and points of view.
Both Carole and Sharon for example explore personal history, but in very different ways. Of her series, Carole notes “This series of small paintings on recycled platters are a wink to the past. My childhood stamping ground; the Tamaki River where friends drowned caught in the mud with the incoming tide; the mountain of Maungarei us kids climbed for the view; and the brand new state houses where mothers struggled to cope with the lack of amenities.” Sharon Vickers works are portraits (but in landscape format) of her beloved parents. For her, the association of clothes with place is formative and she uses details of clothing, its patterning and texture, magnified and judiciously cropped, to trigger memories and reimagine and recall past events, experiences and relationships with family.

Niki Hill   Chrysalis  2017. C-type photograph

Niki Hill Chrysalis 2017. C-type photograph