Old New World. Mary Macpherson

Old New World. Mary Macpherson

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Old New World. Mary Macpherson

Published by Lopdell House Gallery, Auckland with the support of PhotoForum, 2012

Designated as PhotoForum #81
ISBN: 978-0-9876597-1-2
295mm x 250mm, 96 pages, Full colour illustrations, Hardback.


Reviewed by Helen Watson White for New Zealand Books, Spring 2012

Reviewed by David Eggleton for Landfall Review Online

Reviewed by Andy Palmer for Lumiere Reader


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"Overall, Macpherson’s regard is contemplative, whether observing a barbered and manicured bowling green in Winton, a totem pole in lollipop colours on a hilltop between Opotiki and Ohope in the Bay of Plenty, or a gaggle of fairy-tale chalets in Twizel collectively bearing the letters spelling the word MOTEL. People don’t figure much, except as an index of scale. It’s the character of places rather than the characters in places that she’s interested in, though there’s the obligatory mannequin peering out from a small-town window on to the main street, as if at something vanishing".
David Eggleton
Landfall Review Online