Old New World. Mary Macpherson

Old New World. Mary Macpherson

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Old New World. Mary Macpherson

Published by Lopdell House Gallery, Auckland with the support of PhotoForum, 2012

Designated as PhotoForum #81
ISBN: 978-0-9876597-1-2
295mm x 250mm, 96 pages, Full colour illustrations, Hardback.

Old New World is a major series which looked at changes in New Zealand society since the 1960s through the medium of small towns in New Zealand. The work presents multiple narratives about the present and possible futures of small towns. The work was shown at and toured nationally by Lopdell House Gallery (now Te Uru).


Reviewed by Helen Watson White for New Zealand Books, Spring 2012

Reviewed by David Eggleton for Landfall Review Online

Reviewed by Andy Palmer for Lumiere Reader

Mary Macpherson interviewed by RNZ 

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PhotoForum 81: Mary Macpherson 'Old New World'. (Co-published with Lopdell House Gallery, Auckland, 2012)