Every Picture Tells a Story – Jocelyn Carlin

Every Picture Tells a Story – Jocelyn Carlin


Every Picture Tells a Story – Jocelyn Carlin

Published by Te Whenua, Auckland with the support of PhotoForum, 2015.

Designated as PhotoForum #85

ISBN 978 0 90868 9927
224 pages, 255 x 255mm, Hardback
RRP $70.00

A blog is a blog, and a book is a book, so we started by editing the blog.
In 2013 photographer Jocelyn Carlin decided to make a blog, telling stories in words and photographs chosen randomly from her past. Then she decided to make a book. Every Picture Tells a Story is that book, a documentary of what’s been important in Carlin’s life, her photographic career and in the lives of those around her in New Zealand, across the Pacific and in surprising places throughout the world.

The book encompasses single images and parts of projects, supported by text where Carlin feels there is more story to be told. Themes include New Zealand art, film, performing arts, landscapes and environments. In ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’ Carlin extensively illustrates the impacts of global warming on low lying Pacific nations, their struggles against colonisation and their approaches to survival. Carlin speaks of triumph in adversity, captures families in celebration and reveals the hopes and hearts of diverse communities who have welcomed her and shared their lives with her. In Every Picture Tells a Story she takes us on on a journey that’s filled with humour and delight, curiosity and compassion.

The pictures and the stories are punctuated by excerpts from public presentations, interviews and writings which reveal much about Carlin’s politics, her passion for social justice and a lifelong love affair with her camera. This is a very special book with wide appeal.
Jocelyn Carlin has been a photographer for close to 40 years. She has travelled extensively, exhibited frequently and has always had projects on the go, documenting events, telling stories and celebrating life.

Reviewed by Peter Ireland for EyeContact

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