The Shops. Steve Braunias & Peter Black.

The Shops. Steve Braunias & Peter Black.


The Shops

Steve Braunias & Peter Black

Published by Luncheon Sausage Books in association with PhotoForum, 2016.

Designated as PhotoForum #87

ISBN 978 0 908689 941
250 x 210mm, hardback.

The apparent subject matter is New Zealand shops - disappearing, sad, beautiful, comic, lonesome, dirt poor, rich in spirit - but perhaps the work is about loss and changes, with shops being metaphors. It is also a celebration of the overlooked and about the poetry of the commonplace.  

The Shops contains 44 colour images by photographer Peter Black and an essay by Steve Braunias that combines intensely personal memoir with reflections on how the online and stripmall revolution has created ghost towns.


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