Bruce Connew and Dean Tiemi Te Au: Muttonbirds

Bruce Connew and Dean Tiemi Te Au: Muttonbirds

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Bruce Connew and Dean Tiemi Te Au: Muttonbirds - part of a story.

Published by Vapour Momenta Books with PhotoForum, 2003

ISBN 0958243042

‘Muttonbirds—part of a story’ was published in 2004 by Vapour Momenta Books, to coincide with the exhibition launch at McNamara Gallery, Whanganui, New Zealand.

A Wellington, New Zealand publisher said the book was “a bomb in plain wrapping”. It was a contentious project from the get-go, a man attempting to reclaim what he had proved through the Maori Land Court was his and his children’s right.

“I’ve stood in front of the tribe in the correct way. I have my rightful interests and I will stand up for them. I want my children to get on with what it’s really about: muttonbirding, enjoying the world of their ancestors and the treasures they left.” Dean Tiemi the Au

Design Catherine Griffiths
and Bruce Connew
Typography Catherine Griffiths
Paper, French-folds,
Wiro bound,134 pages,
145x180mm, landscape
30 duotone photographs,
plus text
Edition of 600 signed, numbered

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Vapour Momenta Books

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