PhotoForum 69

PhotoForum 69


PhotoForum 69, 2003

Edited by John B. Turner

John Miller interview; Reviews of exhibitions The Altered Landscape at Sarjeant Gallery; Frank Denton at Sarjeant Gallery; Joyce Campbell, Darren Glass and Anne Shelton at Gus Fisher Gallery; Reporting the World at Auckland Museum; Bruce Connew - Press Escape to Cancel at Sarjeant Gallery; Sales Watch; David Hurn lecture; Book reviews: Magnum Degrees; Tai Mulitalo My Own Shade of Brown; Laurence Aberhart Ghostwriting; Anne Noble States of Grace; Obituaries for David Moore, Larence N. Shustak and Cole Weston.

Published by PhotoForum, 2003

295 x 207mm, 44 pages, softcover.

A brief revival of the original A4 PhotoForum magazine format, after a period of low publication output.

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